Thursday, 13 January 2022

DigiPower Go Viral Vlogging Kit

 So this was actually planned out from  on the final week before christmas and this was one of those deald in lidl which actually this ends up more useful than it things, like originally being £19.99 and then the day after that Run to yelverton for a visit which end up alot more stress in 2022. But this seemsed like fate when a £5 overnight after the first night of looking on it (monday 21st). But eventually after the stresfull start to the new year, I used some of the time off from the Vaccination recovery to get that filmed (actually only the final sunday before working) this. Enjoy the video below: 

The Packaging: 

So this suits the bright aesthetic of the brand called Digipower, So this is a bright way of it and does not make it tricky to show what it goes to feature with the  box and the contents. The advertising is very clear on it and it does have alot of text and images which for some can be overwhelming, but it does seem a false sense of fame by using this toolkit and that can be a bad thing for kids. But for those that fame it takes time and might never happen. This does not apply. The Scheme is green and white. 

The Front of the box 

The bottom of the box 

One side of the box 

The other side of the box 

The back of the box was quite full of different languages and text so it can look generic on one of the ways. The filters and the tripod were in sight and shown. 

The back of the box with the information 

The top of the box 

So then it leads to finally having a look inside, which has that plastic tray vibe with the parts laid out and makes it easier to see whats inside and the contents should be easy to spot for the most part. Like the mould is easy to show where each fits. 

The mould and the items inside. 

So this makes it clear of whats inside. Including: 

  • 1 x Tripod 
  • 1 x LED 
  • 1 x LED Screw mount
  • 1 x Smartphone holder
  • 3 x Plastic Filters/diffusers 
  • 1 x micro USB Cable
  • 1 x multilingual manual 

A Look at the parts: 

Things do seem to easily to understand and how it fits together, since the tripod uses the standard mount cameras use, even the LED light uses it so it can be used on other things too. Plus the smartphone holder does have 2 mounting points to make it vertical or horizontal to make it easier for the vlogging  in different aspects. 

The Micro USB Cable 


The LED Mounting hole 

The side with the power button you have to hold to turn it on 

So then it comes to the diffusers which have a nice way to show them, the colours are different from what normally the shades of light can look, but it does help with the colours. Red for warm, Blue for cool and White for normal. 

The White Diffuser

The Red Diffuser 

The Blue Diffuser

Then it has its way of being clipped on from the 2 at the bottom then the one at the top, and it does not feel lose when its clipped on so that is a good sign. 

The Blue partly clipped on 

The blue fully clipped on

The Red partially clipped on 

The Red fully clipped on 

The White partially clipped on 

The White fully clipped on 

So that then leads the design of the Smartphone Holder and this was a much better design than the HAMA retractable ones since the bolt just falls out even if superglue is attempted. So to see the way this was designed is actually really improved, with not 1 but 2 screwholes, one for vertical frames and one for the horizontal one. So that does give an advantage. 

The Front of the phone holder

The bottom of the phone holder 

The Back of the phone holder but can act as the bottom if using it vertically

This is the top of the phone holder 

It even pushes up on the top to extend for bigger phones 

Now one key point is that the holder can have the LED light slot into it, This is done using that small screw that is included, but since its a standard one, it can help with being easily replaced but that plate at the bottom of it might make it easier said than done. 

A look at the screw from the side 

From it upside down 

When its slotted on at the top 

anther view of that screw

Now we then come to the Tripod itself, so that is a nice small grip on it and it makes sense that it folds out. There is a button that you press for the screw to lift up and down as well. ITs a very light but thick plastic so it will not be that heavy for the most part either. But that does give a good sign of how sturdy it can be since its quite thick.

The top of the Gripped tripod

A left side view when upside down 

The right side view when in the correct position

The button makes it flip to the other side 

Stretching the legs out 

How it looks upon the desk

When the holding part is flat with the tripod sorted 

It lets you angle it anyway 

The legs just peeking out 

So with that mostly finished it was a peek at the manual which is pretty bulky but very much in all or most languages, so it does save some paper. 

A look at the manaul 

The front pages 

the part of the english section 

Now it was time to set it up. 

The Setup. 

So first we have to plug in the LED to charge it up, even though there might have been battery via holding the power button to turn it on instead of pressing it. But leaving it while rosie barked for an hour was a good idea. 

The back of the LED with  charging

So this then leads to getting the Phone fitted and it was pretty much easy to do, not too time-consuming like the screwing of the holder to the tripod mostly. But in the end it fitted the iPhone 5c easily. 

The blank desk before fitting

The Phone on it 

The Phone in the Stand and the LED as well 

The Testing

But then it was time to fit the Redmi note 7, now i did have to take the case off due to the thicker finger grip but once that was off, it was on there firmly and was actually quite stable for vlogging, I mean I did shake it and it did not wobble. So this will be good for vlogging at more quiet events, since crowds could still knock it over, unless i change to a thinner case for the phone, which could be a case if i get some food grabtabs.  So a selfie taken does look ok for the most part. 

the selfie on the outside 

Now the final part is to see how a normal digital camera fits and well tt does even if it looks smaller than it can handle, but it makes it a lot more strain on the arms to grip, but it works. 

Using the DLSR camera on it 

The Conclusion

So mostly its got some good features and little of the bad ones. some tricks to learn but nothing too complex. With the features of the Holder looking more compelling and better build as well as  the standard fitting of the screws, it really does seems an ideal budget for the entry level filming. 

omracer's Rating: 8/10

The Good Points: 

  • The Value for money is good with the £5 discount
  • The tripod uses standard screws
  • Its not a bolt used for the Smartphone Hold
  • That LED is blinding bright
  • That LED can work separately
  • Fits most phones
  • The tripod acting as a grip is nice
  • The packaging is near
  • Can be angled on both horizontal and vertical 

The Bad Points: 

  • The Packaging does have plastic in it so not carbon friendly for those that care
  • It can seem cheap looking for the plastic tripod
  • Might be hard to get since no longer sold online or maybe clearance in lidl 

But that's it for this review now, since it clearly shows what can be achieved and hopefully it can some more reviews to continue this year but it seems a fair bit away on that for the moment. But for now things I might have to close away from to see what happens and catch up with work as really both online and real life.