Sunday, 4 April 2021

Bike LED Lights

 Well this one is a short blogpost for some lights that might make it easier to cycle at night in the future, but this was not bad a purchase from menkind actually. But this was from a while back and this was  time to finally fit now the bike was cleaned again and a vlog that was planned as a new years resolution. But it was time to see how it fits and works. There is no video for this. 

The Packaging, 

Now its a simple based one, with the blister packaging so its hard to be able to open it without damaging the paper label inside, this makes it a bit of shame and also the writing can be confusing but paladone use the multi language which can confused when looking for the manual.

The Front of the packaging 

The Back of the packaging 

Now it makes things not easy to read  and can be confusing, especially on how much text on the back of the packaging and has some clear-ish instructions to be able to make it fit. So lets see how it looks once the packaging is open. 

The ready to open section

Once its cut you basically get the 2 tubes and the paper on the guide which has more disclaimers and translations and then it was the tubes, now at first it made me confused on how it works, but then It was to then unscrew the cap and it was the batteries in the cellofane to wrap it up, which makes the batteries last longer from factory. so it was then inserted the correct way. it does make it tricky to put it in the correct way. 

The cap and the lights 

The buttons 

The batteries which were in cellophane 

Once that was fitted, it was time to test how they work 

The Fitting and testing:

First it gives actually a few functions, about 4 settings #, 1 solid and 3 flashing effects. It had a nice easy way to switch. 

The lights 

When its off

Now this actually works via replacing the Tyre Cap, which works nicely since of the issues I face are with Tyres bursting, This was a good idea to get it  added, so I finished pumping the tyres up, then put the caps on and turned it on with the button. 

This is how it looks on 

A wider shot, 

Then it was time to put the bike in the Shed to make sure it stays and also it shines nicely in the shed. Which means when its in the dark it will shine brightly. 

The light on the tyre cap on the front 

The tyre in the back light .

Now this was simple to use and sure it will be nice to have a look when cycling in the dark. But for now 

omracer's Rating: 6/10

The Good Points: 

  • Easy to Fit
  • Quite Bright, even in the day 
  • Good Value for money

The Bad Points: 

  • Can be hard to source 
  • It does seem sort of Flimsy 
  • Batteries does not easily fit sometimes

Well this will show more on how it performs in the future, so this might be changed overtime. But we can check it later