Monday, 10 February 2020

Xiaomi Smart Band 4 / Mi Band 4

Well, after delays and alot of personal stuff (including issues with Paypal of all things) as well as work to make way for maybe more reviews this year and also to build up things. But the Trilogy of this review is just middle on this one. Enjoy a video on the Mi Band 4. Costing £34,99 from the Mi Store in London, it was close to getting it free with the Redmi note 8 (since i paid £149 for the Redmi Note 7 Plus 34.99 for the phone.

The Packaging. 

Actually the design is pretty much the vibe of the Band, with Black and white and it has the vibes of those features very well, It brings everything clear but there is some racist language on the back packaging. This causes it to be a bit of a problem if you notice it.

The Front of the Box 

The one side of the box 

The other side of the Box 

The back of the Box 
Then we open the box and inside is nicely laid out with 3 sections, the Charger, the Box and the band itself. It brings a chance of things.

The contants of the box 

The charger 

The manual 

Then we have to look at the band itself 

The band 

The band 

The bottom of the band with the sensors 

That was actually a nice way to see how it looks and its good how I learned on the way it works, such as having to wash the strap itself with Water, Not to use it in saunas either. But It was an easy way to remove the band from the strap of the pulling of the strap. Which then can dock in the charger easily.

The Band in the charger

Its charging from a powerbank 

Then it was time to Pair the band and make Mi Fit. 

The Setup. 

It was a case of installing Mi Fit and then making sure it has the permissions added in . Then I logged in and paired the band. It was actually easier than I thought. But in 10 minutes I was setup and ready to go. 

The Mi Band 4 is connected. 
But then we deal with a new app, The MiBand 4 Watch Face.  This will make it nice to look at so I went for  a Teletext style one. 

its weird how this works since you have to tap one of these to get the custom ones from that app into the Band. 

This I had to tap on a different icon to apply it but it then worked a treat.

The new Watch Face
Which then I could just swipe down and then tap to start a workout, which it tells me if the GPS is working, a nice bonus, Its a shame this does ot have built-in GPS so I can save battery life since its still 2% a run of 10 minutes for Running with like say Google Fit. 

The Tests: 

In Water: 

I tried it when having a bath and its really cool that do stop the touch screen the second it touches water.  So that makes it easier, Maybe one day I will try swimming in a river with it. 


Well now it was another day and time for my first try with it, lets be honest. It was a time to really see how it Performed. So for a run down to a bus stop. It was quite good and accurate, but other times if I use the app and it records but use the band and it hardly records distance. 

Sometimes it does record

and sometimes it hardly records


Well, this is not bad but then again its the earliest night i've been in bed except one other time this year but with friend problems on my mind, sleeping early was not going to be easy, let alone with a needy dog. 

The sleep stats in Mi Fit 

Google Fit is a bit easier to understand. 


Well, its the same aspect, as running, the Mi fit app does still stay if i say take a camera pic but over time if it's a long walk it can just disappear, which means the band stops connecting and does not keep the walk or activity intact. 


For that plan of a budget smart band, it really brings a few things to consider and really adds some perzang to it with the changing the looks and the extra features such as the stopwatch and alarm from before. There is a bit less reliance on the mi fit app but also it relies on it with the GPS which for the Redmi note 7. it wasn't going to plan as much as I liked. 

omracer's Rating: 8/10

The Good Points:

  • Colour screen
  • Good value for money
  • Extra features
  • Easy to setup
  • Easy to set workouts
  • 20-day battery life
  • Works in the bath and in low water

The Bad Points: 

  • The GPS can be hard for it to say for a long period of time
  • It struggles for the Band to stay with the Mi fit app (part of the issue above) 

Well, thats 2 done out of the trilogy of reviews. Will things happen with the scale, I'll find out soon