Saturday, 25 June 2016

MisterCorn El Original Roasted Corn on the Cob

So, this review was a quick choice since it was based on a passing by another shop while I see my neighbour have a temporary shop outside work on the Day the UK said bye to the EU. But there were samples of these and something decided that this needed to be reviews after that sample. For £2 this was an interesting snack indeed. This is around to order online though.

The video is Below:

The Packaging: 

Well this was a unique black and Gold packet, which kind of sums up Roasted Corn in some ways but makes it feel posh in another, which in this case was good since it had the price tag of a premium snack yet had the feel of something that could be addictive. But there is a language barrier which might put people off if your one of the UKIP voters from this EU ref at least. But there images of the Golden corn which looked nice and had a smoked flavour on it. 

The top of the bag, with a view of the golden corn and the labels

The packaging from a side view 

Some of the calorie info and expiry dates 
Now the back was full of text except for the top left hand side which had Grefusa's notes on how their products are healthy. Then you have nutritional info on the bottom right hand side. But this wasn't really a easy to read product so the details might put people off buying, especially since this is a spanish product which again, language barriers. 

A detailed look at the nutritional info on this

A side view of the whole back of the bag, you can see, there is a lot of into to crunch over

The Corn and tasting. 

Now once the bag was opened, the actually corn did look a but roasted, more so than the packaging leads you to believe but the sizes were nice and reasonable. But the tasting, well that had a feel of salt with smokey bacon with that extra zang which really got it going in the mouth, after a few bites it was like a bit of oceana in my mouth, that exciting taste. 

The Corn itself, has that roasted feeling on some but not on others
This made a good tasting product to be fair, even with corn on the cob being roasted a unique concept. With this in mind:

omracer's Rating: 8/10

The Good Points:

  • Its a nice unique recipe
  • A Lovely Crunch
  • Its a nice novelty

The Bad Points:

  • Can be hard to read in both language barrier and in colouring terms 
  • Quite expensive 
  • If you don't like bacon, there is a taste of it with this

So thats that and then next few months might be more food related reviews which is always a bit of a doozey.