Monday, 27 April 2020

Tymbark Apple Mint Drink

So, Lockdown is 30 days in and well its time to finally do small reviews. Such as nice drinks and other bits of tech. Well, we kick off with the first of different reviews and a cheap drink is for one of them, This one was a bit of shopping in Tesco a few days before for an amazing £0.29. But enjoy the quick review

The Bottle: 

The design is standing out and almost carnival-like design, to clearly show the mix of apple and mint flowing through and actually not much of a translation happening here. There's not much sugar as some will expect to have in that one which is about the 8.4g of sugar for the 250ml bottle. The colour of the drink does look like pee though,. 

The front of the bottle 

The back of the bottle 

from underneath the bottle 
Then it was time to see how the lid opens up like the ring lid sometimes might be a popper like but its actually a film style peel which has an interesting tagline in the lid itself. 

the top of the lid 

Opening the lid 

The lid

Under the lid 

But then it was time to drink

The tasting 

There we have to taste and actually was a lush refreshing taste, one with that hint of mine but you know the apple is there as well as if you drink more you do feel it has been diluted a bit which gives it a bit of a safer mix. I mean it does help with the digestive system apple and mint too. 

The conclusion: 

All in all, this is one good drink for a very good value and cheaper than lemonade in some cases, well not for the quantity but the quality in this way. 

omracer's Rating: 9/10

The Good Points: 

  • Very good value since soft drinks that amount end up £1 sometimes 
  • The refreshing taste of Apple and mint
  • ITs not too sweet due to the dilution 

The Bad Points: 

  • There is only 250ml per bottle
  • Not easy to see unless you look in the right place 
Well there you have it, one review done and a few more down to go during the lockdown, see you for those soon