Saturday, 24 February 2018

Heinz Curry Mango Sauce

Another review from the Approved Food Haul, its been almost a month in trying to get this done, things get busy and i'm sorry. But this is quite a nice combination in its own right. This cost £0.50 each and was not easy to find if it was not for Approved Food. Amazon do have it as well.

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The Bottle. 

The designs is the classic tiny heinz style that is well known and somewhat respected, this, along with a nice picture of chick drumsticks and lettuce. The ingredients are the same causal ones a curry sauce needs, gherkins, mustard etc. 

The front of the bottle

The Back of the Bottle

The Pouring.

For this review, a simple snack of a Penguin will do it. So, a plate with the sauce and Penguin it was. 

The Plate and the Penguin.

I managed to unwrap the seal at the top which can be hard with one hand but its not really a fault of the sauce. But then it squeezed out and it was pretty much the same colour the bottle had inside. 

The Cover

The inside of the bottle

The Taste Test.

Now this pretty was tasting like curry sauce but there was a hint of Mango in that taste, so it does really taste like what it says on the tin, as it were. But it can leave a very strong smell of curry on your fingers too. 

The Sauce and the Penguin

the Tasting 

It was a nice little one to eat and I would certainly be ideal to mix with other foods to make the flavour that little bit extra. With that in mind. 

omracer's Rating: 6/10

The Good Points: 

  • Nice Value if you find the right price
  • Very strong flavour
  • Easy to use

The Bad Points: 

  • Quite Hard to find
  • The curry can be quite stand and overpowering the mango 
  • Normal Price might not look attractive as it seems.

More reviews coming soon, one might have a slush of a time with me.