Sunday, 18 June 2017

A Potato Dog

This is one of those snacks I've had for lunch which really gives a nice sense of taste and also it can be a nice lunch for not a lot of money. Usually £2 is my budget for a lunch (including a drink) and i mostly stick under that. But these evenings, its gets cheap for under £1 (not 99p under either) and this review was one of those moments. The link for more info about them is here but enjoy The video below:

The Packaging.

There isn't much packaging but the parts of it was quite nice with the design and makes it good with the black and red colour scheme to show off a different style of a hot dog. It only covers a small part of the dog, which lets you see what it actually is. The puns like "watch your mouth" are great and shows a more casual side to the branding for the snack. The address and the FSC cardboard related is good for the environmentally friendly buyer. 

The wrapping is standard stuff, not really much to talk on

The front of the packaging

The back of the packaging

The side of the dog in the packaging

The look of the Dog. 

Now the potato dog does look like a battered sausage which is familiar to many people in the uk at least with a fish and chippy. But there is a bit of differences due to the shape of the potato. But there is quite some strength in the potato since it didn't break when i mildly squeezed it. 

The hole is also large enough for the sausage to get out

the thickness of the potato can be shown here.

The tasting: 

To sum this one up would be to say it is lush. You could tell from the eyes closed as i was eating it. But the texture is like a hash brown vibe, the sausage is quite filling in the respect it isn't like a plastic american hot dog style frankfurter, It does have a few gulps but thats the thickness of the potato :)
The burnt ends are nice to eat but to look at has a dirty joke around it or a mario joke. 

The eating of it

you can tell what i mean by the ends of the frankfurter. 

The conclusion: 

All in all its a decent snack, for the right price, it isn't too complex to know what it is, it is big enough too. With this in mind 

omracer's Rating: 8/10

The Good Points: 

  • Decent value at the end of the day (Literally)
  • Nice potato hash brown style taste
  • The sausage is not american style
  • Nice puns on the packaging

The Bad Points: 

  • Can be hard to find in some places 
  • Can be filling and hard to gulp down in some cases
  • The burnt ends can be perfect dirty jokes

I will get some more reviews done soon. There is also a chance of delays due to games coming out so bear with me.