Monday, 27 January 2014

PSYC Capella Earphones

So with my life in general, getting places requires me to do what people try to accompany in their lives as an extra nessecity, walking or running. Now i run to work everyday, listening to a vast amount of music, from Anime Soundtracks to even some of the Sonic Colors OST. As well as running from place to place and even 16 miles or more on a night out. So when headphones break, it kind of makes me shocked and annoyed at the same time, mostly with one of the earphones deciding to cut out without having to twist the wires.

So picking new earphones is usually tricky, i have a budget of £10, now that is pretty poor for most listening but i'm more selfless or investing it into love related ventures which is more important. But i've noticed these earphones that i've been selling in work for a few months recently, Made by Sumvision under the PSYC branding, i show you the Capella:
The front of the Box, with the artwork as well as my work's pricetag. 

The rear of the box, which shows the features of the earphones, like the design, the extra ear plugs, the pouch

The left hand side of the box, with the devices it can support, but anything with a 3.5mm Jack will play sound, although the listed devices will support the Microphone built in

The right hand side of the box, with the barcode and a small summary

The inside of the box, well the front is actually just a cover, which includes the actual earphones themselves and some more text and artwork on the left hand side. 

Another look at the box with the earphones outside of the box. You can really feel the vibrant red on these

Now the packaging is really vibrant ant impressive, it also attracts me more than the previous headphones i've purchased, like ones from poundland to some Panasonic ones i buy from Towels at various times. But unboxing these was quite easy, except for worrying if getting the earbuds out of the plastic casing would rip the cable, but it didn't, even though it is best to be careful.  Although you would think it would just contain the earphones, it actually does have some nice extras which i'll list below:

  • The earphones themselves
  • A Pouch to put the earphones in
  • A bag with some extra caps for the earphones
The contents of the item, which is listed above. 
Now the pouch is a simple but actually quite a huge sized pouch for the earphones, which is a better than having one that doesn't fit the earphones type pouch. Also the length of them is a decent sized length which is really useful, its even long enough to tuck the wire inside my wirefronts and then have at the pocket which my phone is in, to help hide away the wiring, which is useful when Dancing in a nightclub or maybe even in a fight, they are about 1.2 to 1.5m, its funny since the box doesn't mention the length. But if you want to know how long that is then have a look at them below:
This is just to show the length of them, which is quite long and they are not that easy to get tangled, which is a good bonus, leads can get tangled badly with my life.
So now it was the time to actually see if they fit my ears, now the caps are quite nice but i'm going to be honest and they did fall out quite easily, which is going to be an issue, either that or i have too much ear wax inside of my ears, But this can be solved with some glue and broken sports earphones. Even from an attempted picture of these in my ears, they were and felt close to dropping out. 
The earphones in my ear, they do look kinda loose.

Now it comes to the point of earphones.....The Sound. 
This has impressed me and i will give a quick simple bullet point on how my first test with them went when running home from work, it was quite nice but not everything is perfect:
  • Quality is superb - there was no feeling of it being tinny at any point
  • Really amazing Bass - when i was running across the park to one of my favourite songs, part of it felt like a club vibe. 
  • There is a nice depth of loundness to it, which can help immerse myself in the music, ok its not recommended when running across the moors at 3am at night after raving at a nightclub (jesters) but its nice nontheless.
  • The earphones dropped out of me at least 3 full times and 5 times where my hands had it pushed in before, but this is a common problem with earphones with no ear hooks on
  • The 3.5mm connector isn't a Right Angled one, which can be bad but the connector has a slight angle so it isn't going to fully need to bend. 

So i was reasonably happy with them, they are some good ones to buy. I'm feeling its well worth the £10, sure there are no ear hooks but i think with some DIY skills, i can fix that. 

omracer's Rating: 7/10

  • Loud
  • Good pakaging and design
  • Nice Bass

  • No ear hook to help it stay on your ear
  • It can easily fall out of your ear
Now buying them isn't as simple for everyone as it would be. Yes you can buy from amazon which i'll link below, but not all shops sell them, luckily if you live in Tavistock, 23 market street has a nice stock of them, there are two other shops in plymouth to buy them. But you will be looking at least £12 for them, anywhere, or if you have a discount at a shop which sells them.