Monday, 3 June 2019

Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth headset basic

Well, it is finally time to review one or the purchases I had from The last Holiday I was on.  A cheap but actually decent Bluetooth headset. We get to finally try these on and if they are worth it or not. Enjoy the video.

The headset from the Mi Store 

The Headset and the Bag 

The Packaging. 

It's actually a simple clear box with the Mi logo and also the back showing the specs, no fuss, no long descriptions, a clear view of the product. 

The front of the box 

The back of the box 

The inside is pretty easy, the manual is inside the box, the cable is short but has nice lightning on it, the manual is clearly printed and you get extra earbuds as well. But it makes things easy to look at and get unwrapped. 

The headset

Looking at the charge port

The side of the headset

The  button at the top of it 

The Cable 

The Manuals

The other side of that 

This was then time to get it fitted. 

The time of fitting. 

Well, it fitted nicely, it was somewhat an odd fit how the rubber goes into the inner ear. 

it fits

Another view

The other view

one last time. 

The screenshot of me 

It's easy to charge.

Charging the headset

The Test. 

Well, I got on the bike, cycled to my first visit and had no issue at all, Mi-Fit was working, talking to me about the events that went on and also I was lucky enough to NOT get phone calls I have little issue with using it, But I did notice that it was sliding out a tiny bit but it did not actually fall out.

When it was nearly out

It fits 
Then the first part of the work was done and I cycled in the rain No damage happened and I was cycling to another visit and it worked. No problems and the call quality was good too.

Using it with a helmet

This was finally done and it was a good day. so, in the end, it might be better than you expect for the value. 

The Conclusion. 

Its gots its value in the brand and the features it gives can really spell a nice tone, it might not look easy to wear but it can be a tight fit which is good. 

omracer's Rating: 8/10

The Good Points: 

  • Amazing Value
  • Nice Design
  • Easy to set up. 
  • No issue on battery life 

The Bad Points: 

  • This can be VERY HARD to find unless you travel to Mi Store London. 
  • Doesn't look like it will fit around the ear

More Reviews will come soon.